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Master Class

The Art of The Performance

What do The Voice and Shark Tank have in common?

You only have 90-seconds to grab someone's attention...who might just change your life.

Allan Harris, world-class musician, along with Keith Cutler lead The Art of The Performance Master Class. Allan & Keith will enhance your personal brand (You.S.P), coach-up your stage presence, teach you how to connect with and keep your audience engaged. Plus, you'll learn valuable insights on the business of your performance.

Please contact us to improve your Art of The Performance!


The Art of The Performance Master Class: 7 Steps


  1. You.S.P. - Your Personal Brand

  2. Fan Targeting - Connecting with your audience

  3. Perform With A Purpose - Stage presence

  4. "The How" - Making you Stage-ready

  5. "The What" - Killing the Performance

  6. Follow-up - Keep your Audience engaged (Best Practices)

  7. The End Game - Grow your Audience (Best Practices)

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