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Keith Cutler is an Executive Recruiting Consultant for MiCa Sports, a boutique recruiting firm. MiCa provides personalized hiring services to companies focused on sports, entertainment and media. Cutler takes the time to fully understand his client’s business, their competition, marketplace advantages and people challenges. As a true business partner, Keith analyzes his client’s current and future hiring needs to fully understand their corporate culture and candidate requirements for each unique position. Keith Cutler provides a high-level of client service, making the hiring process more efficient and impactful for clients and top-tier candidates.

MiCa Sports’ clients include: major sports properties and teams, advertising and marketing agencies, corporate sales/marketing departments, brand marketers, traditional media and digital/social media companies. Along with an impressive global client list, MiCa Sports maintains an extensive database of highly sought-after candidates, and a track record of delivering exceptional results.

Executive Search

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